Venice has to be one of  the most spectacular painting destinations in Italy. Standing on Rialto bridge and looking down the Grand Canal feels more like watching a bizarre movie than experiencing a thriving city.

We arrived in the afternoon and were rapidly transported to our hotel by water taxi.

Leaving Marco Polo Airport by water taxi is a chaotic experience. 110 Euro from the airport to the city means the drivers are pretty serious about getting the job done quickly.

Churning through the back alleys en route to Accademia Bridge

Painting on the grand canal.

Early morning along the canals

The last gondola workshop in Venice was just around the corner from our hotel … and right opposite a great little bar.

Everything is delivered by barges along the canals

A late afternoon storm blackened the sky behind Santa Maria della Salute making for some great photos.

Evening drinks along the waterfront

Interpreti Veneziana were performing at the San Vidal Church, 5 minutes from our hotel. Italian Baroque played with passion and enthusiasm – a fantastic night.

Burano Houses

Burano is famous for its lace making, but I think this guy is mending a fishing net.

25 thoughts on “VENICE WORKSHOP

  1. Great work, John!
    Looking forward to participating in another of your painting holidays in Australia.
    Angela and Anthony Eden

  2. Fantastic pics John, great to follow your travels. The canal with the water taxi looked pretty rough – you obviously survived!
    Have fun.

  3. Blogging is such a funny thing, to be a welsh woman living in New Zealand feeling very jealous of someone she has never met painting in Venice… a place she loves so much. Enjoy for all of us.

  4. Forgot to say…Locanda Montin.. my most favourite restaurant… a waiter with an incredible memory, I visited with my family and 6 months later was there for the Biennale …he said…will you be having the same dish?

  5. Hi John and Diane, had such a wonderful trip with you to Venice and Lake Como 2012 great painting and fun, wonderful memories, still painting scenes. Cheers Dimity

  6. Hi,
    We were with a painting group in Venice last autumn and saw your class at work and briefly watched your wonderful demonstration. It is incredibly exciting to see the finished work in your blog. Would you ever consider doing a class in the UK?
    Very Best Wishes Judi Whitton

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