Boats in Venice are long, skinny and stylish. They vary slightly depending on what function they perform.

Traditional ,cool and stylish

Fast and stylish.

Fast, wooden and stylish.

Yellow Vaporetto.

Airport taxi.

Cool and wooden.

High speed transport

Service station

Italian Cool

Foreign invader

Two men in boat with a pole.


Sewerage barge

Work barge

Happy work boat

Black vaporetto.

Goods barge

Courier Barge

Garbage Barge

New Vaporetta

Old Vaporetto

Middle aged vaporetto

Very long boat

Color coordinated delivery barge

Work Barge Figure Head.

8 thoughts on “VENETIAN BOATS

  1. Wonderful photos, and a wonderful post! I, too, was fascinated by the endless variety of boats in Venice but didn’t think to catalog them as painstakingly as you have. Brilliant idea.

  2. Thanks for this – I might have painted a garbage boat without even knowing- with a romantic couple on board. Beautiful pictures. In Honolulu, I am viewing them before they were posted thru the magic of time zones.

  3. Never knew that there were so many different kinds of boats in Venice, you certainly had a lot of patience photographing them all,I look forward to the photos you send.

  4. Hi John, we just sent our son to Spain and Italy as a graduation gift. Lucky kid huh? He rode in some of these boats. Can’t wait to forward these great photos to him. What an array…. and captured by your sensitive eye. Love this series!

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