Over the past couple of weeks it has been pouring rain here, so I’ve been having a great time shut away in the studio painting hammers. It all started with the claw hammer and grew from there. Following through on an idea is a great way to build up a series of paintings. It gives you the chance to experiment with techniques, play around with the subject and not be too worried about the outcome. These were all done on paper with various combinations of Charcoal, Gesso, watercolor, gouache, ink and ocher powder.

24 thoughts on “WATERCOLOR HAMMERS

  1. John,

    You’re an inspiration to me for sure!…. and a big reminder that virtually anything can be interesting subject matter. You’ve really nailed these hammers… sorry, I couldn’t pass up that pun!

    As always, I enjoy your ability to mix the media and do something innovative and interesting! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Bill Dunn

    • Hi Bill,
      Love the comment, Thanks! …someone on my facebook page said he thought they were “smashing” – like that one too!

  2. John –
    Your talent is awesome! You can take any subject and turn it into something truly wonderful to behold.
    I recently bought your book, ‘Getting Started’ and your DVD. I didn’t know about another book, but will certainly look for it.
    Don’t ever stop painting and thank you for sharing your techniques.
    I really get excited when I see your email in my mailbox.

    • Thanks Barbara,
      Glad you are enjoying the blog. The new book is with the publishers at the moment so should be released fairly soon. I will let you know via the blog when it is available.

  3. Who would have thought hammers could look so amazing! You’re truly an inspiration! I love your work and I really enjoy your book “Getting Started” and watching your dvd’s. Did someone say new book? I’ll be watching for that one too!

    I always look forward to your posts…thanks for sharing with us!
    Kat =^..^=

  4. What a thought provoker! Beautiful work and now you have thinking about coffee cups, hair brushes, popcylces…and on and on. Thank you for sharing! I love the way you mix media and do “what it takes” to get a good painting.

  5. Great stuff! I love them, especially the first one with all that suggested “movement”. Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to more details about your new book

  6. I teach art in a high school & was delighted to see this subject – so often you look at watercolour paintings & watercolour artists & their art feels really “fuddy duddy”. I’m sure my students will be excited by your work!

  7. love these hammers and will be sharing this link for a blog feature i do called “colorboard”. we’ve been looking for some pieces to display in our family room. by any chance, do you have prints of these for sale? i am very interested and would love to hear from you. you can contact me via my email address, or in reply to this comment.


    sarah nadine

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your comments and glad you liked the hammers. Unfortunately, I dont have any prints of these.
      I enjoyed looking through your “colorboards” – what a great idea.

  8. Wow! I had done a search for gouache images, since I want to move on a bit from watercolor… and ran across one of these photos in the images…. Awesome!!!!

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