As usual the Bend workshop was a lot of fun. It was great to catch up with friends from our previous Oregon workshops, and to finally meet people we had only spoken to via email. Tracy, Jan and Cindy did a fantastic job keeping things running smoothly and Tracy’s husband, Bob, drove up from Depot Bay one day to treat us to a feast of Dungeness crab and fresh fish –  Yum – fantastic! We had students from as far away as Florida, Hawaii, Canada and even Russia

The big studio at the Pheonix Inn is well set up with an overhead camera for demos and large tables for all students

Two color demo using Indigo and a transparent, Burnt Sienna like color mixed from Quinaceradone Gold, Alizarin and a touch of Ultramarine

Making sense of a complicated subject

A simple subject made interesting by shifting the emphasis away from formal symmetry to a more dynamic diagonal thrust.

A workshop in Bend, Oregon wouldn’t be right without a painting of Mirror Pond.

Cheese cloth, rice paper, pastel, ink and gesso were used to build up the interesting textures of this Italian Hilltop Village.

In this painting of Monterey Wharf, Ultramarine Blue gouache was used to give maximum impact to the focal point.

This simple subject is a lot of fun to paint and a great way to work with positive and negative shapes.

We are looking forward to coming back to the US for more workshops in the not too distant future.

10 thoughts on “BEND WORKSHOP

  1. Hello John,
    Many thanks for sharing . As usual, a constant inspiration for me. I hope to attend one of your workshops in Oz one day. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Mike,
      Glad you are enjoying the posts and look forward to meeting you at one of the future workshops

  2. Are you already booked to teach in the U.S next summer? If so, I would really like to know dates and locations if possible. I so badly want to come to one of your workshops and next summer might be that time.

    • Hi Dana
      We are not doing any US workshops next year, but I will add your name to the workshop list so you will find out as soon as dates are announced.

  3. Hello John,

    Many thanks for sharing.

    I have a question for you. Do you video record your workshop demonstrations and if so are they available for purchase?


      • Mike,
        I’m not connected to john in any way except as an admirer and student from a distance. i have all the 10 minute videos and have watched them many times. maybe it’s my age or maybe it’s “the” age but 10 minute snippets are doing it for me much more than the usual 60-90 min videos. there’s a ton of information on each. good luck.

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