Tucked under the backdrop of the Cascade Mountains is the little town of Bend in central Oregon. First settled as a logging town in the late 1800’s, today Bend is one of the main mountain bike centers in the US and a headquarters for all kind of outdoor activity including fishing, kayaking, skiing, golf and rock climbing. We felt kind of  wimpy, arriving for the indoor pursuit of watercolor painting!

Mirror Pond – down town Bend

All along the Deschutes River and through much of the town are these beautiful old timber houses.

Evening, down town Bend.

We were lucky enough to arrive the week the “Bite of Bend” was being held. A big food, wine, beer and music festival taking over the main roads in down town Bend.

Stalls selling all kinds of food lined the streets. The numerous boutique brewerys had their wares for sale. Ten bucks bought you a ticket to sample spirits from dozens of distillers dotted throughout the area and the main stage had a non stop variety of awesome bands from all over the country.

Half an hour drive from bend is Smith Rock State Park – an impressive gorge of craggy rock cut through by a small meandering river. A great place for rock climbing, horse and mountain bike riding, walking or just relaxing under the juniper trees.

6 thoughts on “BEND, OREGON

    • Thanks Cynthia,
      We have seen some fantastic places. I’m really looking forward to getting started on some more paintings.
      Cheers John

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