Another great workshop at Dillmans Bay Resort. A fantastic group of people, beautiful surroundings, lots of painting in a big well lit studio and wining and dining in the surrounding towns. What a lot of fun.

193 Chipmunk eating breakfast

194Riveted Tinny



201 Loon

205 Baby Blackbirds blown out of their nest



209Woody Guthrie songs on an Appalachian Dulcimer.

210 211 212 Antonio’s new hat

213 237


The drive across the Rocky Mountains, from Banff to Vancouver, has to be one of the most spectacular drives on earth. With Lyla’s knowledge of all of the out of the way attractions and the leather lined comfort of a big BMW, it was fantastic experience.USA14515

USA14438 USA14452 USA14455  USA14521 USA14531 USA14563 USA14566

Vancouver is a beautiful city. It’s waterside parks looked pretty dramatic with the Fall colors and backdrop of surrounding mountains.

USA14684 USA14691 USA14693

USA14698 USA14744 Shannon Falls shrouded in fog.

Vancouver fish markets and harbour

USA14797 USA14798 USA14832Granville Island cement hoppers

USA14853 USA14862

Camouflaged Hire car took us inconspicuously through the Northwoods of Wisconsin to Dillmans at Lac Du Flambeau.

Dillmans Bay Resort

USA15082 USA15088

DSC07406Dillmans Workshop


Dillman’s Resort is tucked up into the north of Wisconsin at Lac Du Flambeau. It sits on a tree covered  peninsular jutting out into  a beautiful lake. We were lucky to have good weather, but the resort closes over winter due to snow.

Evenings on the lake are pretty spectacular, watching the sun set to the haunting call of  loons

In the main reception area is a large open fire, the Tom Lynch Library, an art supply shop, a bar and friendly, helpful staff.

Art workshops have been conducted at Dillmans since 1978. Their two large studios have excellent facilities and the resort offers great accommodation with kitchens, barbecues, kayaks and push bikes.

Workshop Demos

Cool nights were warmed up by a large bonfire hosted by one of our group.

The week at Dillmans seemed to go very quickly, but we look forward to coming back to this beautiful part of the world in a couple of years time.