Dillman’s Resort is tucked up into the north of Wisconsin at Lac Du Flambeau. It sits on a tree covered  peninsular jutting out into  a beautiful lake. We were lucky to have good weather, but the resort closes over winter due to snow.

Evenings on the lake are pretty spectacular, watching the sun set to the haunting call of  loons

In the main reception area is a large open fire, the Tom Lynch Library, an art supply shop, a bar and friendly, helpful staff.

Art workshops have been conducted at Dillmans since 1978. Their two large studios have excellent facilities and the resort offers great accommodation with kitchens, barbecues, kayaks and push bikes.

Workshop Demos

Cool nights were warmed up by a large bonfire hosted by one of our group.

The week at Dillmans seemed to go very quickly, but we look forward to coming back to this beautiful part of the world in a couple of years time.

4 thoughts on “DILLMAN’S WORKSHOP

  1. Hi John,
    As usual, really nice stuff! fresh and bold, it looks like you don’t care!! but then that it really works. Big fan.
    Any chance of coming to the UK? I hear Lincoln is particularly good!!

    • Hi Graeme,
      Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the paintings.
      A UK workshop is something I’d like to do one day – tied up for net two years though!

    • Thanks Linda,
      Glad you enjoyed the workshop, it was a lot of fun.
      We look forward to coming back to Dillmans in the future.

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