Bisbee is a copper mining town that has, some how,  flourished since the mine closed. The steep landscape and opulent architecture, from the boom days, make the town uniquely attractive. Lots of interesting pubs, bars and restaurants, and an atmosphere of 1960’s counter culture, have given Bisbee a whole new life.

Just outside of Bisbee is, what’s left of, the town of Lowell. In the 1950’s the mine pit was expanded to extract more copper and most of the town was consumed in the expansion. What is left (Eire Street) appears to have been frozen in time. Crumbling buildings, closed businesses, old cars, weeds and debris. A fantastic and confusing place.

© John Lovett 2018
Reflections in a junk shop window

© John Lovett 2018
Bisbee graffiti wall

© John Lovett 2018
Chainsaw on a roof

© John Lovett 2018
Rustys Snacks

© John Lovett 2018
Main Street Bisbee

© John Lovett 2018
Captivating display of ancient dentistry.

© John Lovett 2018

© John Lovett 2018
Bisbee mine  head

© John Lovett 2018
Mine Site

© John Lovett 2018
Shell servo, Lowell

© John Lovett 2018
Cadillac from space

© John Lovett 2018
Outside Lowell Gym.

© John Lovett 2018

© John Lovett 2018 © John Lovett 2018

© John Lovett 2018© John Lovett 2018 © John Lovett 2018 © John Lovett 2018 © John Lovett 2018


San Francisco was a busy couple of weeks – 10 workshop days and plenty of good restaurants, bars, shows and museums to see. Fantastic catching up with old friends and meeting new students from all over the US and beyond – a great couple of weeks.

USA16569 Powell street cable car

USA16568 Union Square

USA16547 Bay Bridge

USA16543 Fire Boat under the Bay Bridge

USA16528 Red’s Java House

USA16507 Jimi Hendrix’s Red House, Haight StreetUSA16506 Haight Street power pole –  staples accumulating since the 60’s.


USA16498  Medicinal Dope – Haight Street


USA16480 USA16466 Skull Exhibition – San Francisco Academy of Science

USA16412 Air Show over Alcatraz celebrating Fleet Week.USA16252 Blue Angels – doing crazy things very fast.

USA16221 USA16190 USA16129 The Stinking Rose – Garlic seasoned with food.

USA16092 Under the Golden Gate Bridge.

USA16497San Francisco is dotted with (mostly) immaculately kept Victorian architecture.USA16043 USA16031 Some awesome, but not so immaculate.USA16029 USA16022 How to squeeze more into a pickup truck than should really be possible.USA16010 USA15998 Jack’s Bar – Cannery building Fisherman’s Wharf.

USA15992Fog over the Golden Gate.



After our workshop at Dillmans we went New York to rest and relax before two San Francisco workshops. We didn’t do too much resting and relaxing, but had a mighty week with Dane and Zoe, visiting bars, galleries and restaurants all over Brooklyn and Manhattan.

DSC07415Greenpoint mural

USA15640Black Cadillac


Metropolitan Ave

USA15253Dealers Merc

USA15946Brooklyn Mustang

USA15310New York Dolls


USA15576Murray’s Cheese Bar



USA15249Home Sick

DSC07448Under Williamsburg Bridge

USA15535$399 Divorce


USA15432Bridge across the Hudson

USA15502Manhattan Kindergarten

USA15539Brooklyn cat yard



USA15780Dome headed policemen


USA15891MOMA PS1 Retrospective – Xavier Le Roy

USA15805Time Square selfies


USA15593Birthday Beers

USA15538Brooklyn campervan




With 5 days up our sleeve before the Maldon Workshop started we decided to slowly plod our way down to Victoria via backroads and out of the way places rather than race down the highway.


We camped behind the pub in the little town of Goolma, where the publican spun us a great tale about his favourite dog staring down a possum – neither would give in and they both died without ever moving.


This is the possum


…and this is the dog

mitsubishi canter 4x4 motorhome

Foggy morning behind the pub


We wound our way down onto the Murray River before heading across to Maldon. Great to see the river with so much water and the country in such good condition.


Julienne, the workshop coordinator in Maldon, arranged for us to stay in this fantastic little farm house – complete with chooks and a veggie garden.


Maldon is a beautiful little town protected by a heritage listing to preserve the unchanged character of the place.


The 5 day workshop was a lot of fun. We met some fantastic people and really enjoyed the quiet little country town.


Melbourne was in the middle of the Spanish Festival in Brunswick and the Polish Festival in the City, so there was a lot happening.


After a few days in Melbourne we took off towards the Snowy Mountains via the Sale Wetlands…


…a spectacular series of swamps, creeks and billabongs just out of town – made even more dramatic by the approaching storm clouds.


From Sale we drove up towards the Snowy River and took the long windy track down to McKillop Bridge.


The mountains were magnificent and the road signs basic.


MacKillop Bridge across the Snowy River. First built in 1935 and washed away a few days before it was due to open.




Mmmm – Jindabyne Steak, 4 minutes each side, Yum.


Above Charlotte Pass there were still patches of snow on the ground.


Snow Gums




Thredbo River


Platypus in one of the small creeks.

mitsubishi canter 4x4 motorhome

Stormy night up near Kiandra

mitsubishi canter 4x4 motorhome

Creek on the Long Plain Road




Home via Washpool NP.


Looking through the collection of photographs I accumulated recently in France, I noticed there were a number of interesting sculpted heads. Some in art galleries, some in museums, some  decorating or protecting buildings, others saving their sitter to be viewed into eternity. Here are my favorites from this weird and wonderful collection.


62, rue des Archives, Paris

The Hunting Museum in Paris (Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature) is a fantastic mixture of artifacts and art work relating to the killing, eating, stuffing and preserving of animals.

There is an incredible collection of elaborately decorated and beautifully engineered devices for hunting animals, and a trophy room chock full of just about everything that moves (or used to move)

These beautifully made timber cabinets display various hunted animals – from a stuffed example to bones and droppings in tiny pull out draws. A number of slide out drawings and a video peep show visible through a pair of brass binoculars complete the display.

The glass storage cases for guns sit on top of numerous drawers crammed full of related hunting paraphernalia …

…even knives and forks for eating your kill.

Unlucky rabbit

Even unluckier Fox

Handsomely stuffed leopards

Hunting dogs and Wolf

Stuffed fox still looks cautious

Stuffed hunting dog with poorly fitted false teeth

Heavy duty iron hunting dog collar.

The Museum is housed in a beautiful 17th century building renovated and decorated without compromise. The more you look the more magnificent detail you will find.


After the busy pace of the workshop, we figured a week relaxing in Hong Kong would be a good idea. The idea of relaxing in a city that only seems to run at full speed, was probably misguided.  So, rather than relax, we went for the full on shopping, galleries, bars, tours type of recreation.

Hong Kong seems to run full paced 24 hours a day.

The Harbour is spectacular, serving as a transport route and recreation area at the same time.

The citys heart is buzzing with lights and color, while above street level is the patchwork of balconys, windows and washing that make up the high rise appartments of the inner city dwellers.

The shops are interesting but some of the names don’t translate too well to English.

Across the boarder into Shenzhen, pressure from street vendors increases as does the number of taxis waiting at the local rank.

The Rickshaw may have disappeared, but the chicken delivery cycle has sure taken off.

The humble push bike in China has resisted the temptation to switch to light weight aluminium and carbon fibre construction. Instead, preferring the solid reliability of braced and reinforced steel.

For me, the most fascinating area of the city is the food markets, which in the Mon Kok district seem to blend with the bird, goldfish and pet markets. These live sea snakes fall into the food category.

This bag of tasty live toads are also classed as food (and delicious according to the store owner).

These weird, distorted goldfish are from the pet market…

…as is this strange little kitten.

Strangely distorted rabbits are also available from the pet market

At the bird markets you can pick up birds from all over the world. There are bags of live grass hoppers and packets of writhing grubs available to keep your bird in top condition.

The food markets not only sell live produce, but will chop up almost anything for you to take home and barbecue.

Store holders engaged in a game of some kind of checkers.

This man, sitting on a tiny stool with a handful of tools, will fix up your worn out shoes in next to no time for a couple of dollars.

In the half light through our hotel window,  primitive bamboo scaffolding contrasts starkly with the modern high rise construction. It seems to sum up the strange, diverse character of Hong Kong.