The last couple of weeks I’ve been locked in the studio finishing work on a book to be released early next year.

I got started on a couple of urban landscapes based on parts of New York. Early one morning I walked down under Brooklyn bridge. There was a lot of road work going on and huge trailers were lined up along a side street. They appeared to be accommodation for road workers – like a gypsy camp under the bridge. Big sections of road were fenced off and there seemed to be uncoordinated  people and machinery everywhere. So much activity in a city that doesn’t seem to stop, and I’m just rubbing the sleep out of my eyes – that’s where this first painting comes from.

This painting is based on the chaotic textures, bars, buildings and patriotism of East Village. Both paintings are a mix of watercolor, collage, Gouache, Gesso, ink and charcoal, built up in layers like the graffiti that lines many of the city’s walls.

16 thoughts on “PAINTING NEW YORK

  1. These are wonderful paintings! I love all the mix of mediums.
    I hope to learn your techniques when I receive your DVD soon. It will be a Christmas present to me. Yeah!
    Love, love, love your work.

  2. Beautiful paintings! I am a long time admirer as I have seen your work often in Australian Artist / International Artist magazines. I love the painting in blue..the subtle variations of tone and hue, the interplay between structured and free-form shapes, the contrast between transparent passages and opaque ones, the interest created by what is stated and what is hinted…I love it all! I wish I could paint like you…I am so envious!!

    • Hi Suja,
      Thanks for your comments. I wish I could describe what I do like you can. After I read what you said I had to go and have another look at the painting!

  3. I love the spots of turquoise blue in the windows. How did you get those beautiful colors? I am glad that you are writing/painting another book!

    • Hi Cathy,
      Glad you like the paintings. The color in the windows is a mixture of Phthalo green and white gouache. It makes an amazing sickly green – great in small doses, but pretty scary if it gets out of hand. A bit like birds eye chilly when you are cooking!

  4. This is good stuff. I like the way you do cityscape, up close and congested. The collage images are gritty and curious, adding to the feeling of density of population and the drawn natural elements, all competing for attention allow for a real sense of being in the bustle of an urban environment.

    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for you comments. Glad you enjoyed the post.
      I have just been looking through your website – love your paintings, fantastic colors and quirky tales

  5. I should also add that the theme of X-ray keeps on giving me something else to look at. This is perhaps an expression of a curiosity to know who lives in these buildings, what can we understand from merely glimpsing the surface what lives are being lived out behind these walls. The transparent tree… nice touch!

  6. Your work is just fantasic!!!! I have your dvd and i just watch
    it all the time! Some day i hope to attend one of your workshops.
    These works of New York are just great! And i hope to hear
    of your book release when it comes out next year! Looking
    forward to getting it.

  7. Just checking in on an update on your new book. Soon? I love the expressiveness of your work, whether it’s a landscape, pig or hammer! Great inspiration……

    • The new book is in the hands of the publishers now and they are looking to a mid year release. As soon as it’s available I will post it here.

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