Boabs are unique to North Western Australia. Starting as a slender stick, boabs grow into the most incredible, distorted shapes. They don’t develop growth rings like a normal tree, but scientists have dated some at over 1500 years old. Every time I come across a big one, I cant help taking a photograph. Just when you think you have the ultimate Boab photo, another more distorted example will appear.

Here are a few of my favourites.










38 thoughts on “BOABS

    • Thanks Mark,
      I think the Boabs here in Australia originated in Madagascar, Seeds somehow floating across the sea all those years ago.

  1. Beautiful. ITs a foggy memory ,but I read somewhere that Baobob trees were a stopping point in long journeys. A place were the campsite would be built or the rest stop to meet at emergencies. If my memeory serves me correctly this went on in Africa. From your images, now I see why they were chosen.

    • Thanks Niema,
      In Australia aboriginal people would head for certain boabs in dry times. Hollows form where limbs break of, creating reservoirs for water.

    • Thanks Carmen
      Glad you like the photos. I have a really vague memory of The Little Prince – a big tree toppling the world, sketched in yellow chalk on the blackboard when I was 5. I must dig out the story again

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  3. I LOVE these tree! They are so unique. Just by their shape and their “attitude” they seem almost wise. I love that they’re taken in black and white as well.

  4. Dear John and Dianne, I´m very glad to met you by internet and I wont you to know that I ´m starting to painting with acuarelle by your teaching , thanks so much!!!!! Ilive in Mendoza ,Argentina , my husbund Apolo and I will like to recived you here if some time would came here,good bye , Diana

    • Hi Diana,
      Glad you are enjoying the blog and website. Would love to visit Argentina one day, I understand it is a beautiful country. If we do it would be nice to meet you.

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