The last part of the town of Sorrento, towards the end of the Sorrento Peninsular is Marina Grande. It is the fishing village of Sorrento, tucked into it’s own little bay and protected by headlands on either side. Rock walls and pontoons shelter the harbour from the swell of the Mediterranean and provide a protected mooring for a fleet of small fishing boats.

Access from the main town of Sorrento is via a winding path that tunnels through the headland. You can also catch the bus. It follows the ridge behind the town then drops and twists to the marina – not a trip for the faint hearted, but then, any bus trip around Sorrento delivers the adrenaline equivalent to a roller coaster ride.

A beach of  black volcanic sand is dotted with colored fishing boats and set against a backdrop of old painted buildings.

This part of town is less inhabited by wandering tourists and more the home of fishermen and local villagers

Many of the houses are owned by fishermen and piles of nets floats and ropes fill the alleyways.

Of course, the cats of Marina Grande are all well fed and healthy

Most of the Sorrento fleet are still the old, brightly painted wooden boats that have been used for hundreds of years.

On the waterfront are a couple of restaurants.  This was the view from our table where we enjoyed a fantastic lunch of fresh sardines and salad


One of the most interesting collection of small boats and old, ricketty jettys are hidden under  the mangroves of Ross Creek, Yeppoon. The last time we visited Yeppoon was 12 years ago and I expected to see all the old jetties replaced with a modern marina. Amazingly, a protection order over a colony of flying foxes, roosting in the mangroves, has saved this fantastic piece of marine history (at least until the bats move on).

Yepoon low tide

Low Tide reflections Ross Creek, Yeppoon

Yeppoon jetty

Old Turpentine log jetty – Yeppoon

I conducted a two day workshop for a group of  a dozen keen watercolour painters in Yepoon. We painted frantically, finishing two paintings per day plus exercises and demonstration paintings. Morning tea and lunch were provided by the ladies attending the workshop. Huge plates of sandwitches, pasteries, cakes and biscuits – folks eat well in Yeppoon!

Yeppoon workshop

Yeppoon watercolour Workshop