One of the most interesting collection of small boats and old, ricketty jettys are hidden under  the mangroves of Ross Creek, Yeppoon. The last time we visited Yeppoon was 12 years ago and I expected to see all the old jetties replaced with a modern marina. Amazingly, a protection order over a colony of flying foxes, roosting in the mangroves, has saved this fantastic piece of marine history (at least until the bats move on).

Yepoon low tide

Low Tide reflections Ross Creek, Yeppoon

Yeppoon jetty

Old Turpentine log jetty – Yeppoon

I conducted a two day workshop for a group of  a dozen keen watercolour painters in Yepoon. We painted frantically, finishing two paintings per day plus exercises and demonstration paintings. Morning tea and lunch were provided by the ladies attending the workshop. Huge plates of sandwitches, pasteries, cakes and biscuits – folks eat well in Yeppoon!

Yeppoon workshop

Yeppoon watercolour Workshop

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