Another great workshop at Dillmans Bay Resort. A fantastic group of people, beautiful surroundings, lots of painting in a big well lit studio and wining and dining in the surrounding towns. What a lot of fun.

193 Chipmunk eating breakfast

194Riveted Tinny



201 Loon

205 Baby Blackbirds blown out of their nest



209Woody Guthrie songs on an Appalachian Dulcimer.

210 211 212 Antonio’s new hat

213 237

6 thoughts on “WISCONSIN

  1. Wonderful photos! They prove that a trained artist’s eye will find beauty in the world, no matter the medium. Well done.

  2. Was a great week John ! Working around “the master” (you) is always a hugeshot in the  arm. THank you (and your wife) soo much. Warmly, and happy painting!Jeff

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