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In this project I show you a great way to make drawing, even the most difficult subject, simple and effective. We will then use just three colors to produce this vibrant painting. The Resting Trawlers Project also includes a bonus video full of valuable tips and shortcuts for successfully drawing different types of boats.

Resting Trawlers


Resting Trawlers Instant Video Project

2 thoughts on “RESTING TRAWLERS

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    thank you! It’s great to be on your mailing list.   I am interested in your Video Projects, John.  Please let me know the average length of the videos. best, deborah deborah stanley  

    • Hi Deb,
      Most of the videos run around 10 minutes, but are designed to be stopped and started as you progress through the project. The projects also have captioned stills of all steps along the way, as well as a printable PDF download so you can have the source image and finished painting to refer to as you work.

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