John Lovett’s Textures, Techniques and Special Effects for Watercolor

Have a quick flick through my new book. They have finally arrived and are being shipped out now.


33 thoughts on “John Lovett’s Textures, Techniques and Special Effects for Watercolor

  1. Hi John,

    As I have all your DVD’s I have just ordered through Paypal your new book.

    Kind regards



  2. Hi John

    I love your work too, and was looking forward to the publication of your new book. Will it be available on Amazon please? I live in the UK too, and the £8 postage costs make it an expensive paperback.

    Best wishes


  3. Your new book looks fabulous! I just ordered a copy to be delivered in Germany. I look forward to reading it.
    Cynthia Schelzig

  4. Your new book looks great. I will be in Australia in Mardh and will pick up a copy when I am there. I look forward to practicing (again) your techniques.
    Lyla Chipperfield

  5. Ok I am sold. I will be purchasing your book after I have told myself that I will not spend any more money on a hobby that I am obviously no good at. I think you can help me and I am willing to give it one more try. Your work is too amazing not to give it one more go with your book. Thank you for making it for us.

  6. Congratulations on your book, John. I have just ordered mine. I think we are lucky to have so many of your techniques and so much of your expertise distilled for us in this book, in one place to follow.. You are a superb teacher and exceptional artist. I hope you will come to the states again soon. I certainly enjoyed your workshop in Bend. Best to you always, Judy Kennedy

    • Hi Judy,
      Hope your book has arrived and you are enjoying it. Dianne and I will be doing another workshop with Tracy ( San Francisco this time ) in 2014. Also another workshop with Dillmans in Wisconsin prior to the San Francisco workshop. Would be great if we could catch up again.

      • Hi John,

        You have made my day!!! So happy you will be in the States again. I will definitely sign up for the San Francisco workshop. Keep me posted on the date and how to register. No sign of the book yet, looking forward to it. Do you still do critiques/coaching? I am happily painting, mostly portraits would love to buy some time, get your feedback. Warmly, Judy

  7. Good marketing John. I like how you flicked through the pages so we could see more of what’s inside. I’ve just ordered a copy and can’t wait to receive it in the post. I am especially interested in combining texture with watercolour, and look forward to having a go at the exercises you include at the end of each section…. Wonder if it’s arrived yet! I think I’ll go and check the mailbox!

  8. Hi John,
    Just received your book and am looking forward to doing some painting from it, am doing the Venice workshop with Amanda in Sept so need to get busy and practice a lot more , would lov eto do one of your 5 day workshops one day or a travel one again .Say hello to Dianne for me, all the best.

  9. I ordered my book on Jan 30 and received it on Feb 23. Takes a while to get it but well worth the wait. In fact I ordered another thinking mine got lost or something. Now I will have two!!:)
    Some intitial thoughts: It is large and very professional looking. Pages are glossy, well organized and easy to read. Even though an incredible book for beginners, it is full of ideas and techniques for those of us who consider ourselves a little further on the path.
    Looking forward to diggin in. Thanks again John. Judy

    • Hi Judy,
      Glad your book finally arrived. International Artist had a hold up with delivery from the printer, but all books have been shipped and are now arriving.
      So glad you are enjoying it and hope we can catch up in 2014 when we are in the US.

  10. Just a question concerning delivery of your book in Germany….where are they being shipped from? I ordered mine 1 Feb and here it is 26 Feb and it is not in my painty little hands yet and I guess I am just tooooo anxious for it to arrive and am used to Amazon delivering things in two or three days here so I guess I have to bite the bullet and just sit an wait it out… it shipped from England?

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Sorry you have not received your book yet. The books to UK and Europe are shipped from Australia. It usually takes about 2 weeks, so yours should be arriving soon. I spoke to International Artist, who are shipping the books, and they told me they were all in transit. Sorry about the delay, but it’s on it’s way.

    • Hi John,
      I received my book shortly after I wrote my comment on 27 Feb. I just wanted to let you know how VERY much I am enjoying reading it and how very informative and inspiring it is.
      Take care,

  11. Hello John,

    Just to let you know that I just received your book today. I am delighted. This is exactly what I hoped: very inspiring, well explained. This book makes you want to experiment gesso, gouache, etc. with watercolor. I return to my brushes. Thank you for sharing your experiences

  12. I’m going to order your book. It’s exactly what I need to move into another phase… I’d like to come to your SF workshop. I live n Dallas, Tx ….
    Looking forward to meeting you and Dianne.
    Do I need to sign up now?
    Thanks, Linda

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