It’s fun to be back in the studio. A bunch of painted heads have been keeping me busy this past week. The first one is based on an old black and white photo of Woody Guthrie, the rest are accumulated sketches and ideas.

15 thoughts on “PAINTED HEADS

  1. I am so thrilled with these! I didn’t realize you did portraits. I love the mixed media – the vivid blue eyes – the texture. Oh, my gosh. I love them, love them. Genius. Inspiring.

  2. These are great! What mediums have you used? Are they borne from political characters…probably wrong but there’s just something about a couple that make me think … ooh, John Howard and Paul Keating???? Lov’em anyway.

    • Hi Angela,
      Thanks for commenting.
      These are a mixture of watercolor, gouache and gesso with some pastel pencil, charcoal and ink thrown in.
      No political characters, just occasional people that you can’t seem to forget.

  3. What Fun !!!!
    It will motivate some of us , I’m sure, to get out the old Photo albums and start Splashing Paint .

    Thanks for sharing……

  4. Gosh, it looks like you have brought back some ghosts form your recent tour of Europe. These make me think of the faces pulling the strings which make the money markets function as they are currently doing. I am glad to see that all that sunshine and beauty in the south of France has not blunted the artistic edge of your creativity. Carol in Sctoland

  5. Hi John, Love the portraits, they are fantastic.I am doing parts of the face at the moment in watermixable oils and i also have to do a portrait so it will be great to have a go, but i don’t think mine will be anything like yours.Great comical feel to them.Hope you and Di are keeping well.

    • Hi Helen,
      Good to hear from you and glad you liked the painted heads. Dianne and I have been busy with a workshop here in the studio for the last couple of weeks. Back onto the book next week.
      Good luck with the portraits

  6. I enjoy this style of painting, it is interesting to look at and makes the faces more expressive. I am researching and sketching portraits right now and planning some paintings, maybe I should stop planning so much and just go for it.

    • Hi Suz,
      Glad you like the heads.
      I’d recommend just going for it. A little planning is ok but if you get too bogged down in it the paintings can become lifeless and contrived.
      It’s those unplanned accidents that make them interesting.

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