We camped a night on a wind swept headland on the southern end of 80 mile beach, below Broome. In the morning the wind had stopped and as the sun came up, a heavy fog rolled in. When you faced directly away from the sun you could see a pure white rainbow in the fog. Really weird but a lot of fun to photograph.




4 thoughts on “WHITE RAINBOW

  1. Hi John & Diane,
    I have been following your trip with great interest and must congratulate you on the absolutely beautiful photography. I can see many of your stunning paintings coming out of this! Sorry we didn’t see you when we headed to Cape York in June but we left a few days later than expected. It has been wonderful watching your journey and identifying with many of the places along the way especially in the Kimberleys. I haven’t been south of there but your photos guarantee we will make the journey. Have a safe trip home and I look forward to another workshop on the Gold Coast!
    Very Best Wishes to you both,

    • Hi Colleen,
      Thanks for the message, and hope you had a great trip to Cape York.
      We are looking forward to the Margaret River workshop next week, then we will be heading across the Great Central Rd to Uluru.
      Where from there depends on the temperature!
      John & Dianne

      • Thanks John & Dianne.

        If you go through Wiluna which I think is at the eastern end of the Great Central Road and at the beginning of the Gunbarrel Highway, have a look at the art gallery there. I think it is at the back of the Council building from memory, but well worth a look. We bought a couple of really nice paintings there last year. Hope the Margaret River workshop goes well. I think you might have a ‘warm’ trip home!

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