After 5 months traveling, there are mixed feelings about crossing the border into Queensland and winding our way over the mountains to home.

As much as we are looking forward to seeing friends and family, we will certainly miss the unpredictable lifestyle of exploring a new location every few days. After being out of the studio for almost half a year I’m really keen to get back in there and immerse myself in working on some larger paintings.

I will keep this blog going, updating with my day to day activities from the studio. Perhaps not as exciting as traveling to lots of interesting locations, but you can watch over my shoulder as I get all the accumulated ideas from five months on the road down onto canvas and paper.

Thanks to everyone following our travels, and thanks for the many comments. I hope you continue to enjoy posts from the studio until our next adventure in Italy next May.


  • Toyota Landcruiser 2008 wagon V8 Diesel
  • Loaded Weight – (Car – 2750kg – Van 1360kg) Total 4110kg
  • Distance traveled – 24,970kms
  • Fuel used – 3,649 litres Diesel
  • Fuel consumption approx. 14.6 litre/100km
  • 3 tyres destroyed
  • 1 shattered windscreen
  • 1 cracked fuel tank

The only major problem we had with the car was 150 chocolate bullets scattered over the floor in 40+ degree heat. Not that they caused much damage once they were all located; just tasted funny coated in red dust. Buy smarties next time.