After months of research and a lot of planning, we are about to head off on a five month painting trip. We will travel north, stopping to conduct a workshop in Yepoon before making our way up the coast to Cooktown. Our rate of travel will depend on what we discover along the way. The only commitments are a two week workshop starting in Darwin and ending in Kununurra and another workshop in Margaret River in October.

The carefully drawn red texta line on this map shows roughly the route we plan to take.


For most of this trip we will be towing a small, lightweight off road caravan. Solar powered and capable of carrying 250 litres of water – we can venture independently into remote areas for up to two weeks at a time. Carrying 220 litres of diesel gives us a range of over 1200kms before we need to refuel.

Rolling Studio

During the workshops we will take advantage of the luxury of Hotel accommodation. Occasionally we will leave the van to head into less accessible areas, relying on swags, a box of food supplies and cooking utensils, and a 12 volt fridge.

Landcruiser and caravan NT