FIRST DAY – Coolum Beach

Crawelled our way up the coast with peak hour hordes streaming out of Brisbane. Arrived in Coolum just on dark, so decided a meal and beer in the surf club would be a good idea.

Dog at sunrise

Got up early to take some photos on the beach. There were lots of dogs and humans playing with tennis balls and sticks.

Two Legged Dog

Even a strange two legged spaniel

We left Coolum and headed away from the coast.  Taking the back roads on the western side of the mountains to avoid the traffic. All was well until we set up camp and the temperature dropped to around minus seven degrees.

We did, however, find where the wheel was invented. Not in ancient Greece or Rome, but in a paddock out the back of Gayndah, Queensland

Wooden Wheel

I think the tyre was a later refinement.