After the Flinders Ranges Workshop we returned to Adelaide, picked up our truck from storage and headed south to Robe, a small fishing village. After two weeks of perfect weather for the workshop, we drove south into howling wind and rain.

The coastline around Robe is rugged and isolated. We had a couple of days in Robe then turned east to follow the Great Ocean Road along the Victorian coast. By now the rain had eased but the wind was still howling in from Antarctica – Chilly, but spectacular.

We caught up with our kids in Melbourne for a few days then headed up to the Snowy Mountains

Always a great place to camp along the Swampy Plains River at Geehi. We were surprised at the number of rabbits (and foxes) – the calicivirus seems to have no effect here.

From Geehi we drove up over the mountains, Past Thredbo and on to the Murrumbidgee River on the Long Plain Road. We often camp here when we are in the High Country, but were amazed to find the area coated thickly in white next morning. Spectacular, but freezing cold!

A fisherman dropped in around 9am on his way to Tantangra Dam. He said the temperature readout in his Landcruiser was saying -5, so I dont know what it got down to overnight. Our water pipes were frozen, the hot water heater had frozen and burst and, in spite of filling with what we thought was winter diesel, couldn’t start the truck till after 10am.

Leaving the snowy, we drove up to the Warrumbungle Mountains to spend a couple of days. This time of year encountering snakes is unusual but this big Red Bellied Black snake decided to cross the path right in front of us. We left him to crawl off into the bush.

29 thoughts on “UP TO THE HIGH COUNTRY

  1. Absolutely stunning photography John! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

    Frankie Sharman Customer Service Devotee

  2. Great fabulous photos, from my fave couple . Needing a boost in the painting dept ! love Annie and Richard ps, wish I could paint like you and cook like Di . šŸ’—šŸŽØ

    • Hi Mark
      Some great walks there – Not sure if they are doing tours of the observatory at Siding Springs near by. We drove up there but the gate was closed – might be a covid thing. Did a tour there years ago and it was really interesting. Worth checking at the Nat. Park visitors centre when you are there.
      Enjoy your trip

  3. Hi John and Diane. What wonderful trips you take. I must admit I am very envious. You were so lucky to see your kids in Melbourne. Well timed. Valerie

  4. Hi John and Diane,
    What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your adventures! When are you two heading back to the states? We miss you and hope to see you soon. Cheers, Gail

    Ps. Any new dvd’s or books in the works?

  5. Wow what an adventure, glad the snake kept on it’s way, I was hiding under my chair at home here when I saw it. You have captured this beautiful country in a stunning fashion once again.

  6. wonderful photos John. Thank goodness Dave and i did a lot of camping for many years. Wont happen now hes gone but I have wonderful memories and you revive them for me. Thankyou

  7. John and Diana
    Great to see you guys are continuing to travel and of course your photos are great as usual. I forget that you are heading into your winter as we are already pretty warm here in Florida. I hope you will have more workshops here in the states soon. Great to hear from you.

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