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After 660 kms of dusty corrugations down the Gibb River Road, we enjoyed a brief stretch of bitumen across to Halls Creek. An overnight stop and we were off down the Tanami Road to Alice Springs. The Tanami Road is 1100kms of mostly well graded dirt with some patches of bulldust and rough corrugations. The Aboriginal Communities of Billiluna and Yuendumu sell expensive diesel.

After stocking up in Alice Springs, we spent a couple of days in the Eastern MacDonnell’s before heading East along the Plenty Highway – a long strip of corrugated dirt that cuts straight across the Northern Territory into Queensland

Freshwater Crocs are thriving at (an almost dry) Windjana Gorge

The Tanami Road cuts through the Tanami Desert from Halls Creek WA to Alice Springs NT

We spent a night at Wolf Creek Crater – Dianne, having not seen the movie, was pretty relaxed about camping there under a full moon, I had a bad nights sleep with a wheel brace under my pillow.

Believe it or not, this piece of corrugated iron architecture was on wheels.

Tanami Roadtrain

Finches at a rare waterhole along the Tanami.

Billiluna Community

Billiluna Footy Field – all dust and rocks

Can’t drive past a wrecked car without stopping to take a photo. This one was so good we camped the night to get the early morning sun.

Wedgetail enjoying breakfast.

After stocking up in Alice Springs, we headed out to the Eastern MacDonnell’s for some pretty spectacular walks.

Not far down the Plenty Highway we came across this rolled Toyota. It must have been there a couple of days because all the wheels were gone. Judging by the scattered debris, it must have been some Japanese Tourists heading off on an adventure.

The white dot in the middle is our camp . Huge amounts of nothing through the middle of the Northern Territory, but when you stop and look around the scenery can be spectacular.


Stockmen at Tobermorey Station

Tobermorey Horse Breaker

Tobermorey Sunset

Red dust

Crossing into Queensland, the Plenty turns into the Donohue. This was the smoothest dirt road we encountered

Donkeys watching Humans come to a sudden halt in a big cloud of dust.

14 thoughts on “LONG DUSTY ROADS

  1. Oh John, what an adventure for you and Dianne. Absolutely superb photos and especially loved seeing the “white dot” of your truck, camped amongst the trees. It really showed up what a vast expanse of desert etc you were surrounded by. Fabulous to see, even for us Aussies! I must say those pics of the crocs almost made me SCREAM!! Haha.

  2. Fabulous images..can’t wait to see your interpretation through the paint brush Marcia

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  3. How do you keep your RV so white given all the red dirt ??… many thanks for all the comments & photos. Fascinating scenery that you find and share on all of your trips. Keep them coming!

  4. Beautiful and inspiring, thanks for sharing. Your white vehicle is so clean and bright! Does dust fall “up” Down Under?! Here in Texas I can’t drive more than a mile or two before my vehicle is completely covered I can hardly tell the paint color.

  5. Fantastic photos as always—we did parts of those areas over the last 4 years. Love that landscape! We miss Australia, though we just spent 6 weeks in southern Africa with our rig. Come back to America soon! Jonathan says hello, and hi to Dianne!

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