After a long drive and another great workshop in Blackall, we arrived in Kununurra where we left our truck and flew to Darwin to start the Outback workshop with International Artist. Following a couple of days painting in Litchfield National Park we headed out to Kakadu for some painting and exploring. One of the highlights of Kakadu is the Yellow Waters Cruise. We have done it many times and it is always spectacular and always different.

Whistling Ducks  © John Lovett 2019

Whistling Ducks

Jacana Chick  © John Lovett 2019

These Jakana chicks hatch out of the egg with small fluffy bodies and ridiculously over sized feet

Jacana Chick  © John Lovett 2019
Male Jacana  © John Lovett 2019

As they grow the body gets bigger and less fluffy and the legs grow even further out of proportion.

Azure Kingfisher  © John Lovett 2019

Azure Kingfisher

Nankeen Night Heron  © John Lovett 2019

Nankeen Night Heron

Crocodile Smiling  © John Lovett 2019

Deceptively happy looking Crocodile.

Crocodile swimming  © John Lovett 2019

Floating and watching

Crocodile  © John Lovett 2019
Egret  © John Lovett 2019

Large Egret

Egret  © John Lovett 2019
Water Buffalo  © John Lovett 2019

Water Buffalos are starting to breed up again in Kakadu

Yellow Waters © John Lovett 2019

Yellow Waters Sunset

Painting at Anbangbang Billabong
© John Lovett 2019

Painting at Anbangbang Billabong.

11 thoughts on “KAKADU

  1. Still regularly revisit my Kakadu river cruise photos – such a great reminder of my Australian visit in 2007. Look forward to seeing your paintings John!

  2. John on top of being an amazing painter and teacher — AND photographer, you ARE a naturalist! 🙂 I’m iffy on your class in September at Dillmans but if some how I can cut it  I’ll be thereYou’re always an inspiration. Warmly, jeff ( kasbohm) in Minneapolis

  3. Love your photography and commentary. Wish I could have joined you, it looks like you had an amazing workshop.

    • Hi Lyla,
      We are almost at the end of the Outback Workshop. It has been fantastic – Great group of people, fantastic locations and perfect weather, what more could we ask for. Dianne and I will take a month to wind our way back home in the truck. Will post some photos along the way. Say Hi to everyone in Calgary for us.

  4. Those Jakana chicks look like creatures from a fairy tale — the size of their legs is just too whimsical. But then it’s Australia, a land of duck-billed and egg-laying mammals, huge marsupials whose babies are extremely tiny, and the deadliest snakes in the world.

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