Waterfront reflections Video Project

A brand new Instant Video Project available now for just $9.95

Join me painting this beautiful little waterfront village in the South of France. Learn new skills and techniques with a simple, straight forward approach suitable for all skill levels.

  • 16 minute HD Video
  • PDF Printout
  • Complete Step by Step Instructions
  • All Online and Available Immediately
  • Unlimited Access Just $9.95


  1. Dear John,

    I got very confused when this email arrived headed “The Sketchbook” because I also subscribe to Shari Blaukopf’s daily WordPress blog which comes with the same title. At first I thought she was spruiking your site and the new instructional content but finally figured out it had come direct from you courtesy of “Splashing Paint”.

    I thought I’d better let you know – you might want to sort out any possible confusion because Shari is a prominent artist and sketcher in Montreal with strong affiliations to the Urban Sketchers movement and it’s quite possible there may be more people who have a connection to both of you. I’ll forward you separately one of her recent daily posts so you can see what I mean.



    Leigh Youdale Lmyoudale@me.com 0417210437 02 46580729


  2. Hello John, I am already enjoying two of your books and your fantastic DVD. I want to start
    ordering the instant online video lessons, but will I be able to play them in my tablets so I can take
    the lessons with me when traveling? I am not at all computer literate, so please bear this in
    mind when you answer. Thank you from New Jersey, USA.

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