With a couple days up our sleeves before the French Painting Workshop started, we had time to get our bearings and explore the lake and old town of Annecy. The town is just over the Swiss border and sits on a a series of canals that run out of a beautiful, spring fed lake. The town and lake are surrounded by the spectacular French Alps, so that postcard feeling of alpine bliss is everywhere.










DSC06811Two small Painting Inspectors watch with a critical eye.


There is very little the French wont eat. We enjoyed snails, frogs legs and a selection of various internal organs transformed into mouth watering delicacies in this little restaurant.

FRAN1644Annecy hosted the International Animation Festival while we were there.


This giant inflatable screen and elaborate sound system provided a lake side outdoor venue for the festival.

FRAN1512Red chairs in the rain.

DSC06668Lecturers from the Annecy Conservatorium pose for us as we paint the ancient entry door.

FRAN1531We had rain on the first day of the workshop then, fortunately,  fine weather for the remainder

FRAN1533Annecy public gallery in the old castle.(Noreen dancing sideways)

FRAN1688Wild wooden horses

FRAN1652     Border confusion.FRAN1560



FRAN1485Produce Markets keep the town busy three days a week.

FRAN1480 Fromage


FRAN1428Tiger riding bike



FRAN1377  FRAN1370Straw to line the nest.

FRAN1361 This dog carries brandy to lost soles in the alps

FRAN1337  FRAN1222x

DSC06677x Day one, painting in the rain


12 thoughts on “ANNECY, FRANCE

  1. Great photos, as usual, John! I think I can see a lot of your future paintings “in waiting” amongst these. Well done!

  2. Wow – I can’t wait for my “splashing” to improve enough to join you on one of these great tours. I just love the photos and can see that I should be taking advantage of my camera more, even here in Australia. I love the colours – so vivid, so bright! Thanks so much. Gail McDonough

  3. Nostalgia – I went to Annecy on my first foriegn school trip in 1982 – and I even remember that bridge; not bad for someone who can’t usually remember what he did yesterday…

  4. What a wonderful collection of photos and memories to work from. Went to Europe including
    Paris and was intrigued with all the buildings and oh so many chimneys. Would love to go and explore more.

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