Everything is extreme in Barcelona – the food,  the fashion, the bars, the music and the architecture.

Antoni Gaudi’s amazing buildings dot the city and have become some of  the city’s major tourist attractions.






Sagrada Familia – still under construction after 120 years.



Barcelona balconies – making a medieval facade look like a Gaudi facade.


Some of the architecture prior to Gaudi was pretty wild and elaborate too.


9:30 at night and the city starts to come alive – bars and restaurants start to fill around 10 or 11 and crowds are heading home as the sun comes up.


Nail Polish pink Vesper.


Man with dog and sidecar.

The Barcelona Maritime Museum had an exhibition of giant puppets used for festival performances in the city. It’s a weird feeling standing next to these huge papier mâché figures, twice the height of an average human.









Sailing into Barcelona Harbour.


Tiring work selling candles.


Ham in Spain is an art form. Jamón de bellota, made from acorn-fed black-footed Spanish pigs fetches up around 200 Euro/kg for the best quality. The markets in Barcelona have hams ranging from thirty Euro/kg upwards and the vendors are happy to coax you into purchasing by slicing off tasty samples.


Barcelona’s Maritime museum is housed in beautiful old ship building warehouses near the waterfront.


This is a replica of the Royal Galley which was built in Barcelona in 1568 and was the dominant warship in the Mediterranean up until the 17th Century. The ship was 60 meters long and powered by 59 oarsmen.


Inside the galley is not near as impressive as outside.


Subtle Spanish sneakers.


Barcelona Beach architecture.

11 thoughts on “BARCELONA

  1. If I’d known you were here I’d’ve baked a cake – and driven into town. Are you teaching here? Anywhere near Barcelona? A class that isn’t fully booked? Not on a day I’m teaching somewhere?

  2. I can’t believe someone would install roller shutters on one of Gaudi’s buildings. Geez. (Funky imagery of the two walking people at the bottom of that photo by the way – really does the head in.) Love the architecture.

  3. John, the Barcelona photos are fantistic! They make me want to go there all the more! It’s nice to get a trained eye to select and compose the shots! You really gave a good feel for the uniqueness of the city. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort!

  4. Now I see you’re teaching in June in France. Is your course suitable for semi-self-taught inexperienced would-be painters? Thinking, thinkingthinking/budgeting ???

  5. I was in Barcelona and the Costa Brava in early September and it was terrific so I’m chuffed to read you are there too. I’m Aussie but was with a group of American gals and we were there to paint travel journals. I too am looking forward to seeing your paintings inspired by Spain. Meanwhile I’ve bought the Splashing Paint DVD and am practicing. I have two of your paintings on my walls and they are getting close scutiny too. One is called (I think) Dreaming of the Open Sea and the other is a small painting of Taormina in Sicily.
    Thanks for the lovely art and for sharing your photos.

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