From Old Cork Station we headed down into the Diamantina basin. The Diamantina is a huge system of channels that gradually funnel down into a narrow cutting through a rocky escarpment.


The Basin is an amazing expanse of green in an otherwise dry landscape.


…this wedge of green cuts through the Diamantina Gates then winds through plains of Mitchell grass before eventually finding its way to Lake Eyre

Apart from sparsely scattered beef cattle, flies are the dominant form of life.

Lunch under a shady tree


The Diamantina landscape is dotted with interesting jump ups, clay pans and plains of Mitchell grass

This big Wedgetail could hardly get off the ground when we disturbed his feast of roadkill.


Crossing one of the many saltpans

Last light on the Diamantina

Diamantina mustering

Old Diamantina Bronco yards, slowly disintegrating in a dusty clay-pan

An ancient tractor with no rubber parts – not that comfortable, but you never have to mend a flat tyre.

10 thoughts on “DIAMANTINA

  1. Your camper looks like it could go just about anywhere. High clearance, truck chassis. 4 wheel drive? Toilet built in? Bedford Truck? I’ve thought about doing an outback trek and wondered if one could rent such a beast.

    • Hi Philip,
      Our truck is a 4×4 Mitsubishi Canter. They are probably available to rent. All Terrain Warriors in Yandina Qld would be the best people to ask as they are commercial builders of these type of campers.

  2. Thanks so much John for the pics from your travels. Looks like many paintings will result from the trip! Regards

    • Hi Richard,
      Yes I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio and working on some of this new material.

    • Hi Ed
      The truck is great – comfortable to travel in and great to live in – reasonably economical too at around 16.5 litres/100kms

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