New York is a bit of a shock after twenty four hours in transit. Everyone seemed to be on full throttle and we were barely idling. We caught a cab from JFK Airport to our apartment in the city.

We were lucky enough to be a couple of doors from an amazing bar called Mono Mono, where they play analogue music 24 hours a day from a collection of over 30,000 jazz LP’s. What a great place to get over a long flight.

Mono Mono – the left hand wall is 12 shelves high, stacked with LP’s. A conveyor system circulates near 50 records at a time, around the ceiling and through the DJ’s booth, where an awesome sound is delivered through old valve amplifiers.

New York architecture is fantastic. Old brownstone buildings with external fire escapes and no elevators – no wonder there are a lot of skinny people in New York! Up and down six floors every time you want to go out would be hard work.

East Village,  has some mighty bars. We haven’t had a chance to visit this one yet, but it looks pretty interesting.

McSorleys Old Ale House is just around the corner from us. It is the longest continuously  running license in New York and inside looks as if it hasn’t changed since it was opened – sawdust covered floor, old wooden refrigerator and a collection of dust covered photographs and junk accumulated over the past 150 years. All they sell is their own ale – dark or light, and for some reason when you order one they give you two. No wonder they have been operating for 150 years.

Tucked down some of the side streets are some interesting shops. Trash and Vaudeville sold some bizarre fashions,  or they would be bizarre in any other city, but in New York nothing really seems bizarre.

Casual Sneakers

Comfortable walking shoes

In New York there is not a lot of car parking space so they stack them neatly,  one on top of the other.

Even the police cars are down sized so they can fit more on the streets.

When I was a kid, there was a story going around school, that if you dropped a penny from the top of the Empire State Building, it would embed itself inches into the concrete below. We walked right around the Empire State Building and, sadly, there were no embedded pennies.

The huge orange billboard in the center of the photo above (detail below) gives a constant readout of the number of tons of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Its a pretty scary number especially when most people see it across the hood of a V8.

Maybe the billboard will change that? New York has a large fleet of hybrid Ford taxis.

If you dont want to drive, New York has to be one of the easiest cities to get around. The subway system is great, public transport is cheap, the streets are laid out in a logical grid and there are taxis everywhere.

The F train

It’s also flat and networked with bike paths, so riding a bike is a popular mode of transport.

We stopped to listen to this band in Penn Station. They were great, so I bought two of their CD’s. When we got back to our apartment I discovered one of the CD’s was made in 1998 – back when the guy playing guitar was just a little kid! Just shows, you shouldn’t get caught up in the excitement of the moment when you are visiting New York.

The cavernous, air conditioned Staten Island Ferry Terminal, providing free public transport to the people of New York. A pleasant contrast to the money making business the remains of  Australia’s  Public Government transport system has become.

Statue of Liberty and Helicopter

New York from the Staten Island Ferry

Brooklyn Bridge

Wall Street

25 thoughts on “NEW YORK

  1. thank you very much for sharing these photos of New york with us. And now we would like to see the paintings which go with…..

    • Thanks Christine,
      I will start on the paintings as soon as we are back in Australia. Will put them up here when they are finished

  2. Fantastic photos and descriptions! I am in Texas, so come visit us too! Texas is a bit different from New York.

  3. Wow that was a great way to start the day on the Gold Coast…..I think the Mayor of NY might want you as a travel advisor, hope you are having a great time, any chance you will be back by 1/7 I was wondering if you could put an artwork in the new gallery at Kirra Hill Community & Cultural Centre (Old School near eagle)
    for the month of July? Love the sound of Mono Mono, a souviner coaster could be proof….haha regards Pam

    • Hi Pam,
      Will be back on the 4th, is that too late?
      Had dinner at Mono Mono last night ( and picked up some coasters for you!)

    • Ha Ha Ha, we just miss the festival – All the summer festivals and out door events start in NY this week, and we have to move on.

  4. WOW John what a place……I can just see you in a pair of those casual sneakers! Lots of interesting bits n pieces to paint. Can’t see much blue sky tho. Thanks for sharing….Look forward to your next post……take care….stay safe and ENJOY

    • Hi Tricia,
      Would have loved a pair of those casual sneakers – getting them back to Australia would have blown our baggage weight, so unfortunately had to pass on them!

  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying New York. It’s fun to see the city through your eyes and camera. I’d like to return some day. I’m guessing you’re on your way west. Wish I could take your class in Bend but it wasn’t to be this year.

  6. Morning John & Di, Hope you are not too hip and happening artistically for us all now haha… Wondering if you will be back in time to hang one or two works in our new gallery at Kirra Hill Community & Cultural Centre (old school up near the eagle) – we open 1/7 and I wanted to have works of local southern based artists in there for the month. Hope you are having a great time and if you could steal a coaster from The Blue Note club that would be cool.
    Regards Pam Oberman

  7. Very impressed to wake up this am and read about Dane and Kirra’s groovy living space in Melbourne via my In Design File daily newsletter of hip and happening things in Melbourne. Pam Oberman (hassarrasment stopped for the day/week

    • Hi Pam
      Dane and Kirra’s factory is a neat place – hard to heat in the Melbourne winter though!
      They are looking forward to a residency in Japan starting next month.

    • Wow, Thanks J.T. for responding to the photo – what a small world.
      McSorleys is an awesome bar and I know you guys had a great time there! So did we – loved New York.

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