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Approaching the NT border towards Docker River, the country changes into a series of spectacular ranges.  Reading Herbert Basedows 1903 journal of exploration through this area made it all the more fascinating. There were no tracks and the journey took him 8 months with a team of 18 camels.




All along the Great Central Road are herds of wild camels. This old fellow was standing under a shady tree just outside Docker River.


Approaching the NT WA border through a cracked and bug splattered windscreen.


We camped the first night back in the Northern Territory between sandhills with a great view of Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).


Ayers Rock (Uluru) is an awesome sight. Photos are useless, it is so massive – the only way to appreciate it is to visit it.


These strange characters, walking up to a viewing platform near Kata Tjuta, wore bags over their heads to annoy the flies!


Around 50 kilometers east of Uluru is Mt Connor. It is like the poor cousin to Uluru, given just a passing glance thanks to it’s famous neighbour.


I climbed to the top of a high sandridge to get a photograph of Mt Connor. In the distance to the north I could see a large salt lake half filled with water. An unusual sight in Central Australia.

We traveled East to the Stuart Highway then turned South through gathering storm clouds to South Australia.


4 thoughts on “ACROSS THE NT BORDER

  1. The colors in the last photo, the one with the windmill, look otherwordly, emphasized somehow, but I’ll bet that’s exactly what it looked like. I’m so glad you chose to share your trip with your fans and friends.
    But tell me, John, are we seeing all of this as you experience it and you’ve found a way to upload via satelite, or are you back home?

    • Hi Jo,
      I loved the look of that broken, twisted windmill against the dark sky. It had something menacing about it.
      We have a little mobile broadband modem that plugs into a laptop. It operates on the NextG network in Australia and coverage is surprisingly good. Even the most remote settlements seem to have NextG coverage. The blog posts are usually from a couple of days to a week behind us.


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