Freo (West Australian for Fremantle) was the old, original settlement in WA, before Perth developed. Miraculously, many of the old buildings remain and have been well preserved.


Not just individual buildings remain in tact, but whole streetscapes have been saved.


In the downtown area there are beautiful examples of renovated Georgian and Victorian architecture .


Great shops and lots of cafes and bars are scattered about the main part of town.


Gothic picnic table lurking outside a Freo church


One of the interesting features of “Freo” is the Little Creatures Brewery. Great beer and food in a fantastic waterfront location.


They even hire out bikes for free to help patrons wobble home

2 thoughts on “FREO

  1. Hi John,
    It has been such a excellent blog you have put out on the Outback., I have printed all your articules and made it into a Art lesson work book for my self. I then can use it as a quick reference when painting.
    Thank you for all the lessons through your travel of Oz.
    Continue with a safe trip to Margaret River and home again to Q’land.

    Barbara Fleming

    • Thanks Barbara,
      We have just started the Margaret River workshop – Beautiful part of the country, but a little chilly at the moment. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

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