kakadu map

Random shots of Kakadu National Park taken with Pentax K20D


Rock art – Nourlangie


Kakadu Burn Off – Sigma 10-20mm lens


Under the picturesque backdrop of the Kakadu Escarpment is Ranger Uranium Mine – carefully placed in the middle of a World Heritage National Park


Ranger Uranium Mine –

all very safe, where nothing can go rong wronge ronge wrong


Great Egret – 500mm mirror lens


Nankeen Night Heron – 500mm mirror lens


Jabiru – 18-250 pentax lens


Hovering Egret – 500mm mirror lens


Same Hovering Egret – 500mm mirror lens


White Bellied Sea Eagle full of Barramundi – 18-250 Pentax lens


Cruising Croc  18-250 Pentax Lens


Watching Croc 18-250 Pentax lens


Waiting Croc – 10mm super wide angle just kidding – 500mm mirror Lens


Yellow Waters sunset


Same Yellow Waters Sunset.

26 thoughts on “KAKADU POSTCARDS

    • Hi Carla,
      Glad you like the photos,
      Sorry, I forgot to include a map.
      Kakadu is at the very top of the Northern Territory at the top end of Australia. By road it is about 250km east of Darwin.
      I will add a map to the post.
      Regards, John

  1. I revel in your photography. I’m a fan of the Heron shots. Those are some beautiful birds. Please keep this up, I love to look at pictures. If you visit my site, you’ll see that I’m building a portfolio of pictures myself.

    Scott M. Forbes

    • Hi Scott,
      Glad you like the photos.
      I enjoyed looking through your images. Look forward to seeing the updates.
      Regards, John

  2. the first image of the rock art and the cruising croc are the most amazing to me…Australia has some beautiful landscapes, please keep adding more pics!

    • Thanks chicargobart.
      I love that 10 – 20mm sigma lens. At 10mm it’s taking in almost 180 degrees without looking like a fishbowl!

  3. Nice photos. I’m getting a little tired of the overuse of the word “random”. Random means they are thrown together with absolutely no thought. I think a better word would be “Assorted”. Thanks.

  4. Hey there! Beautiful photos!

    I love nature and wild birds, also lovely sunsets.
    I am thinking of visiting the Kakadu National Park one day, and now your pictures have convinced me that I must really go!

    Are you famous yet? 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Kakadu sure is a beautiful place
      I think, as an artist, you need to be dead to be famous, so I hope not yet!

  5. I dont know nothing about photography,so as a critic I would overstated but i thx you john,who doesnt like to see something intriguing and beautiful,its a treat. Who knows I might learn more about this,its great therapy.WAS IMPRESS BY THAT BURN OFF SHOT,IT HAS A MIX OF MISTICISM,QUAINT,ABSTRACTNESS,ITS BREATHTAKING!!

  6. I’m writing you from Spain ( but I’m south american born, an uruguayan guy ), I’m really thinking on make a trip to Australia, and seeing your pictures it will be soon !!!
    Good pictures, beatiful land…..except for the uranium minning !!
    But nothing is perfect.
    See you in my Barcelona’s blog : http://www.aybarcelona.blogspot.com
    ( in spanish language of course )
    See you later,

    • Hi Gabriel,
      Thanks for your comments.
      I’m sure you’d enjoy Australia. Long distances, but lots to see.
      You have some interesting images on your blog – I just wish I understood Spanish!

  7. Thanks for these shots. Just came back from Top End trip and your images brought it all back. Went on Yellow Waters cruise but couldn’t get nearly close enough to Jabiru to get any shots. I’m just an iPhone happy snapper, with an appreciation of the finer things. If you go to Nitmuluk, I highly recommend the sunset dinner cruise. You get to see the first 2 gorges in the lovely afternoon light, then through sunset and also after dark. Like pitch black, still and quiet with all the stars overhead. Trip highlight for me, along with swimming in the waterfalls and waterholes of Litchfield. Few nice pics of these on my blog. Use “travel” category tag to filter and find relevant posts if interested.
    Sarah Lambert

    • Hi Sarah,
      Glad the photos brought back some memories for you.
      I enjoyed reading through your blog and will take your advice re Nitmuluk cruise when we head back there in a week or so.
      Loved the story about the wrong turn at the Boarder store boat ramp.

  8. Booked air fares this morning to head to Darwin on 2 May 2010 – still planning our movements – your photos have convinced me that Kakadu is the place we must include in our stay (2 weeks). Any other suggestions gratefully received.

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