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We decided to camp at the Adelaide River Race Track before heading up to Darwin. The sun was setting and a few whispy clouds were catching the last bit of light.


I climbed the judges tower to take some photographs. When I climbed down there was a snake  at the foot of the tower, arched up and snapping at me. I jumped back and he dissapeared into the grass. I couldn’t believe it – after hours of carefully picking my way through spinifex and speargrass the day before and not seeing a snake, to be bailed up by one here  was amazing.


I snapped a blurry shot of him in the fading light with a wide angle lens as he slithered into the grass.


Four furlong bend from the top of the tower.




Last light as the sun went down



Next morning I walked over to the railway yard and couldn’t believe my luck. Someone had parked a yellow steam roller next to a purple railway carriage!


2 thoughts on “SNAKE IN THE GRASS

  1. I guess being an artist can be a dangerous job! I’ve wondered if yall have run into any critters while trekking through the country – guess I got my question answered. Be careful out there!!!

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