PUBS – 2


grove hill map

Whipping along the Stuart Highway north of Pine Creek, we saw a sign pointing to Grove Hill Hotel. We figured it must be a pretty impressive pub – the sign said “HISTORICAL” so off we went along a twisting dirt road to Grove Hill.


At first sight the pub didn’t look that impressive. The garden was struggling, paint peeling and “New Ownership” sign, badly faded, but we went in anyway.


The foyer was an elegant mixture of art deco and Territorian casual. We made our way through to the bar and ordered some drinks before wandering through the rest of the pub.


The bar served a variety of beers in either cans or stubbies.


The dining room – simple and tastefully decorated.


Each table displayed a magnificent arrangement of artifical flowers.


The bedrooms were comfortable and inviting.


Keeping everything running smoothly required some fairly sophisticated, high-tech equipment.



A piano accordian on the sideboard looked to have provided hours and hours years and years of first rate entertainment.


Out the back, the matinence shed contained all the necessary tools to keep everything in ship shape condition.


There was even a ride on mower to keep the grounds immaculate.

The car park is always a good indicator of the quality of a hotel. Looking at Grove Hill’s car park, it appears a lot of patrons arrive, park their car and never leave – and who could blame them.











So next time you happen to be whipping along the Stuart Highway north of  Pine Creek, take the detour to Grove Hill Hotel.


They even offer camping and budget accommodation.

2 thoughts on “PUBS – 2

  1. Have just caught up on your latest travels…….wow great pics and paintings……your are so organised with yr blog. I love it.
    Had the pleasure of catching up with your gorgeous son, Tim last night. He charms everyone….including 2 of my old mates. We went to the Kev Carmody concert Cannot Buy My Soul…….fabulous…… and celebrated Robin’s birthday in fine style.
    All the best
    Luv Denise and Lachxxx

  2. Hi Denise,

    Wish we could have been with you last night. Tim called as they wound up with “From little things big things grow” – even sounded great via mobile phone. Glad that he caught up with you guys


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