Gray Watercolor

Gray Watercolor – It doesn’t sound very exciting, but the subtlety and power of Gray is often overlooked when we think of all the vibrant hues of watercolor paint available.

Vibrant colors sure do grab attention, but when a number of intense colors appear together, their impact can be lost and things become busy and confused. This is where a myriad of subtle grays can make all the difference. By providing a region of color relief, areas of Gray can be used to isolate and intensify colors, increasing their impact and clarity.


5 thoughts on “GRAY WATERCOLOR

  1. Some very good information here, thank you. Certainly think mixing one’s own greys is the most interesting way to go.

  2. Great article John. I get so inspired by your paintings but mine never turn out the same !
    Best wishes

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  3. Thank you for so generously sharing your experiences, knowledge and expertise. Your style invites one in for a gentle and comforting adventure. John, thank you for sharing your spirit with the viewer.

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