The towns and villages of Puglia are similar in style to the villages of Northern Italy, but the earthier colored sandstone and marble is replaced by lighter, often whitewashed surfaces. The most obviously different architecture is found around the town of Alberobello in the Itria Valley.

ital7575Martina Franca – a labyrinth of pale marble and white walls.



ital7579Main Square – Martina Franca

ital7558Dry stone walled and conical roofed Trulli buildings of the Itria Valley

ital7420Immaculate old Fiat.

ital7404Trulli houses, Alberobello.

ital7386Well worn stairs – Alberobello

ital7542Rain in Lecce

ital7545Lecce Piazza

ital7759Cruising the hills around Pisa in a Fiat 500 driven like a Ferrari – What a lot of fun.

ital7661Barga – back street bikers

ital7682Herbs and spices and a blue Vespa.

© John Lovett 2016Barga Rooftops

ital7733Retired Fiat Fire Truck

ital7738ital7813Down the mountain to Monterosso



11 thoughts on “TOWNS AND VILLAGES

  1. Hi, Nora and I took a tour of the Puglia area two years ago and loved it. My Dads parents were married and lived for a short while in the town of Eboli. Great food and wine in the Puglia area. Please let me know as soon as you both know when you are coming back to the states. I have some friends who would like to come to your workshop, depending on where it is.

    Your friends, Nora and Joe Costanzo >

  2. Dear John

    Your photographs are always fantastic, it is like a world tour on my computer screen.

    Could I ask your permission to use one of your photographs in my watercolour lessons, for a very specific reason.

    I am teaching my learners how to paint rust, and have just returned from Southend on Sea (I live in Essex, UK) where I took some photos of rusty boats. But some learners want to paint a car … then I started looking at your photos and hey presto! A rusty Fiat fire truck. Could I please use this photograph, and I will of course tell my learners that it is one of your photographs.

    Regards Christina French

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