Wandering through the old town area of Hanoi is about as chaotic as life gets. Thousands of motor bikes, bicycles and pedestrians squeezed into every square inch of open space. There seems to be only two road rules – Don’t hit anything and don’t get hit.© John Lovett 2015
Fruit Delivery

© John Lovett 2015
Egg Delivery

© John Lovett 2015Flower Delivery

© John Lovett 2015
Furniture Delivery

© John Lovett 2015
Vegetable Vendor

© John Lovett 2015
Electronic Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance

© John Lovett 2015
Naked Chickens
© John Lovett 2015
Fruit Vendor

© John Lovett 2015
Motor Bikes Repaired, Rebuilt and Maintained

© John Lovett 2015
Industrial Transport

© John Lovett 2015

© John Lovett 2015

11 thoughts on “HANOI

  1. I was there in 1996. Took lots of photos, but never painted anything. Dying to see what you do to convey the vibrancy of fantastic old Hanoi.

  2. Hi John, went about six years ago and doesn’t seem to have changed. I find it fascinating, keep the pics coming.

    Cheers Val

  3. John, Wow… what a place! Fascinating photos! As always, thanks for taking the time and making the effort to put this all together. It’s much appreciated.
    Regards, Bill Dunn

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