Right now in Canada trees should be turning brilliant colors, temperatures should be starting to fall and preparations for winter should be just around the corner. We arrived in brilliant sunshine, enjoyed that for a couple of days then woke up to a huge dump of out of season September snow. Overnight temperatures dropped to minus 10 degrees, roads were closed, power supplies were interrupted and tree limbs littered the streets – inconvenient for the local residents but an amazing site for us.

Twisted foothills of the Rocky Mountains

IF8A3642 Elbow River
These guys are the double decker bus version of a domestic cow

IF8A3681 IF8A3689
Wyeth like.

Warm fire on a cold night at Lyla and John’s

USA13811 USA13845 USA13934
Small lake in the mountains above Banff

USA14040 USA14050
Mountain Goats learning to eat rocks

USA14085 USA14114 USA14237
Driving through the snow covered prairies north of Calgary was a fantastic sight – soft, bleak and grey.




USA14263 Canadian optimism  –  Solar powered stop sign  USA14331


Winter wood





12 thoughts on “ALBERTA SNOW

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring set of photographs, John. No surprise why you found it a wonderful landscape for painting. I look forward to see some of your resulting artwork!

  2. John these photos are simply amazing. Excited to see what you will do with North American light and colors. I lived in British Columbia as a child and attribute my love of watercolor to the colors in the national parks across the US and Canada. If you’re in Boston please look me up. Dinner on me.


    • Hi Jacob,
      Thanks for making contact.
      BC sure is a beautiful part of the world.
      Unfortunately we wont be making it up to Boston this trip – NY is as close as we get, but one day I hope to head up into that part of the USA. Let us know if you make it down under and the dinner will be on us!

  3. Really enjoyed looking at your photos John – my mother was from Edmonton, my dad Australian. Yes, it will be so interesting to see your response to the new environment and different colours. Enjoy your trip.

  4. I’m glad you got to experience the snow and cold weather. That’s not a frequent happening back home, is it? I’ve never seen that part of the mountains in Canada, only those north of Vancouver, so it’s interesting to see your photos and to imagine what your subsequent paintings will be like. I like the matching outfits, Kila and your hoodie.

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