Our last week in Tasmania was spent along the north coast. We camped on the beach a few kilometres east of Stanley. What an amazing sight early in the morning as the sun came up.


We met Gus in Bothwell. He is from Bend in Oregon where we have conducted a couple of workshops with Art in The Mountains.

Gus came to Australia, got himself a 1956 Landrover and is in the process of taking it to all the extremities of the country. Cape Byron, Mt Kosciusko and the Southern tip of Tasmania have been ticked off the list so far. When he leaves Tassie, he’s off to Cape York via Shark Bay, WA. Good luck Gus!guss

This outdoor kitchen seems to have escaped all the workplace health and safety restrictions. They did save a lot of space by installing it the electricity metre box.


Oatlands cricket nets


Sunrise Reeds



Tasmanian Lawnmower




Camped by the river in Rossross

No matter how hard we looked, we couldn’t find a Thylacine, but we did stumble across these little critters in our search.




horses wet horses


Shooting things is popular in some areas of Tasmania – maybe thats why we had such trouble finding a thylacine.



Back across Bass Straight, we spent a few days in Melbourne before heading home via the Hay Plains, One Tree Hotel and Bourke.

one tree


The weather turned foul north of One Tree. Pulling off the road quickly bogged us down to the axle. A shovel, frantic digging and a lot of encouragement and advice from the passenger window, soon saw us on our way


The further east we travelled the more saturated the country became. From Brewarrina home all unsealed roads were closed so it was a quick trip back along the bitumen.


10 thoughts on “BACK FROM TASMANIA

  1. what a road trip! I wish I was there! Stuck in Oregon in the rain. We did have some pretty clouds today and a raccoon sleeping up high in our tree! Other than that pretty boring here. Thank you for shedding some excitement to my life!!! Painting in a cemetery in Jacksonville Oregon plein air group on Monday! LOL

  2. You took some great photos, John. I especially love the outdoor kitchen! Tasmania is such a lovely place – amazing scenery, friendly people, and lots of quirky little surprises as you travel around! Looks like you experienced it all.

  3. Hi John and Diane, glad to see you having a great time. The kitchen wasn’t quite up to Villa Adrianna standard ! Annette

  4. John,

    I don’t know how many of your subscribers let you know how much they enjoy your blog, but I certainly do. An expatriate South Australian living in California it feeds a need for Aussie things as well as my artistic interests. Exploring the outback like you have is on my bucket list so its fun to live vicariously thru your doings. Thanks for your books and DVD. Tell your dad thanks for his book also, which I found second hand over here. My art has been helped by your ideas and techniques.

    Keep up the good work.

    Philip Wilkinson

    • Thanks Philip,
      Glad you are enjoying the blog and finding the books and DVD’s helpful.
      I’ll pass your thanks on to my father when I catch up with him for a beer at the end of the week

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