The old city of Prague is an amazing collection of domes, turrets and spires. The ground is completely covered in cobble stones  and the Gothic architecture is fantastic – the only downside is that thermometers in Prague only need very small numbers.

St Vitas Church

Large Religious thing covered in gold, silver and angels – St. Vitas Church.

Inside St Nicholas Church – No man in red suit inside.

The Chapel of All Saints in the town of Kutna Hora, outside Prague, is completely decorated with human bones – the remnants of up to 17000 bodies killed by the plague in the 16th century.



Kutna Hora – a quaint little town with some weird signs on the shop windows

Big gun in central Prague

The Palace Guards do a much better job of standing still and doing nothing than the white faced, sheet draped buskers standing on boxes around the city.

Buskers on Charles Bridge

Prague has very few old cars, in fact late model Porsche’s are such a common site that, to stand out in the crowd, the owners must go to ridiculous lengths.

These tiny blue cars are police vehicles.

Lost in translation

Like many bridges throughout Europe, Prague has it’s share of Lovers Padlocks. The idea is you take your sweetheart down to the bridge, pledge your undying love, attach the lock then throw the key in the river.

This guy must have had commitment issues and opted for a combination lock! (names were written in pencil too)

The ultimate extreme sport – a balloon ride over the spikiest city in the world.

10 thoughts on “PRAGUE

  1. I went to Prague May this year. So beautiful & interesting would recommend it to all, My husband and i actually saw that gold Porsche whilst we were eating lunch. We didn’t get the camera out in time because we were laughing so hard. Gosh i hope he loves it !!!
    Lovely pictures john

  2. Heartfelt thank you for sharing: your interesting and wonderfully composed photos [a reflection of your personal style] your witty, informative commentary and your time. Your e-mails are opened with eager anticipation [& saved for “re-looking”]. Kathie

  3. Have travelled from Paris to Budapest, this year I was booked to do the same trip including Prague but due to ill health had to cancel, so it is wonderful to see the fabulous buildings Thankyou. The buildings
    over there are so fascinating.
    Jean Grant.

  4. Such beautiful pictures! This city is on my bucket list of places to visit. My father was born there and I have been wanting to visit for a long time. Now you’ve inspired me to go even sooner. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  5. On the move through Europe again I see. What kind of camera do you use? you do have a great collection of pictures.
    Aso as spikey cities go, Edinburgh has a good few of those, so if you ever fancy a trip to Scotland, there are ample gothic buidings here.

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