On our way to Europe we were lucky enough to fly directly over Afghanistan just as the sun was setting. The flight information screen put us half way between Kandahar and Kabul at 30,000 feet. The country was amazing – incredibly rugged with very little vegetation except for a few cropped and settled river valleys.

A military transport plane crossed under us at about four o’clock and, within a few seconds, disappeared out of sight. A cold reminder that, down among the cracks and crevasses of this beautiful landscape, a war is going on.

12 thoughts on “OVER AFGHANISTAN

  1. awesome capture…a unique view to Afghanistan…it is a beautiful country torn apart by war. Its a shame that in the recent years, its been in the news only because of the war! Thanks for potraying an alternate view of this country.

    • Thanks Ashkitty,
      It sure looks like a spectacular country. I feel sorry for all those people caught up in the war there – soldiers and civilians.

  2. Pics of Afghanistan are sensational John. Paintings in themselves.
    You have so much material from your tripping around, I expect to see an exhibition soon.

    • Thanks Loi,
      I’m looking forward to getting home and back into the studio again – lots of stuff to keep me busy!

  3. Great shots, John. I’ve had the chance to go to Afghan a couple of times and the ground comes up to meet you as you approach Kabul, rather than you descending! Stunning scenery as you move further north towards the Hindo Kush

    • Hi dubaiphil,
      Thanks for your comments.
      I envy you, having been into Afghanistan. I hope, one day, the war will be over and the country opens up to visitors again.
      Enjoyed reading your blog – loved the B&W photos of Vietnam. “Side Street off Hang Bac” was my favorite – great atmosphere and good composition.
      Had to put a coat on to look at the Zurich shots a second time – fantastic!

  4. What extraordinary images. I have often thought that the loss to the world of Afghanistan’s beauty and creativity is almost as terrible as the loss of life amongst its citzens and those stationed there. I love your photos, I wondered whether you feel that learning to compose a drawing/painting has informed the way you take them which I think it has done with mine (they are nowhere near your standards!).

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