Every year as the weather here starts to warm up it means the Swell Sculpture festival is just around the corner. It’s a mighty thing – taking over the beach and beachfront parks, Sculptors from all over the country contribute. The works all relate to the sea and look fantastic in the beachside setting. They are all on display 24 hours a day, floodlit at night and changing through out the day as the sun shifts.

Currumbin Beach 9 – 18 September

7 thoughts on “SWELL AGAIN

  1. Thanks for sharing those photos with us. How do you manage to take photos with such vivid colours? Whenever I try to take photos on the beach, the sand is blenched out, the sky is more white than blue and everything has a dull flat look to it.

    • Hi Serena,
      Thanks for your comments and glad you liked the photos.
      I use a digital SLR set on manual and adjust the aperture and speed to the subject, then check and readjust the levels in photoshop. I always set the white balance manually.The camera also has saturation, contrast and sharpness settings for the JPG shots. Hope this helps

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