This time each year the annual SWELL sculpture festival takes over Currumbin Beach. It officially opens this weekend, but this morning most of the works were in place . An awesome spectacle –  the sculptures relate to the local environment and look fantastic set against the ocean in the early morning light.

8 thoughts on “SWELL

    • Hi Cynnie,
      The fish were my favourite too. They look different at different times of the day, catching the sun, just like a school of fish as it changes direction.

  1. I absolutely love the sculptures. I love whimsey. My occupation for 20 years was building props in the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre and the Guthrie Theatre. I sculpted lots of animal heads and dolls, etc. It was the greatest job ever!!. Thank you for sharing so many forms of art with us!!

    • Hi Eve,
      Thanks for your comments. Wow, sounds like a fantastic job. We did a term of kids classes once and made puppets. I was sorry when it ended – could have gone on forever making strange little characters.

    • Thanks Cynthia,
      The Moose was made out of thick slices of acrylic sheet and glowed brilliant red as the sun came up behind it – fantastic!

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