South from Sorrento runs a spectacular stretch of the Italian Coastline. The Amalfi Coast is made up of steep, rugged  inclines dropping into the Mediterranean. Dotted along the coast are numerous small towns and fishing villages, Positano being the best known. Anywhere a boat can be pushed into the water is reason enough to establish a town in coastal Italy.

Spectacular Amalfi coastline

Positano was first settled in Medieval times and today thrives on tourism rather than fishing

The Positano landscape is amazing and the patchwork of buildings seem to defy gravity, clinging to near impossible building blocks

There are some impressive hotels, bars and restaurants scattered through the town. On the tables of some of these, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards hammered out the words to “Midnight Rambler” while relaxing in the balmy seaside air.

The towns folk are a happy lot in spite of an all day peak hour and a 50:1 vehicle to parking space ratio

8 thoughts on “POSITANO

    • Hi Linda,
      It’s incredible how they cling to such steep inclines. Apparently some are canter-levered from the cliff face.

  1. I went to Sorrento 2 summers ago and your pictures of the Amalfi coast have brought back some wonderful memories. Its so beautiful, I hope to go back to Italy soon.

    • Hi Rafaella,
      Thanks for making contact.
      I have just visited your website and your house is just as beautiful on the inside as it is from the outside – Fantastic.
      What a wonderful place to live!

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