• Largest city in the NT
  • Smallest capital city in Australia (121,000)
  • Closer to 5 foreign capitals than to Canberra
  • Main income from mining and tourism
  • Re built after WWII air-raids and after Cyclone Tracy
  • 130kph on open road
  • Smoking still allowed in pubs
  • Weather is either hot and dry or hot and humid


Parliament House – called the wedding cake – highly decorated on the outside, full of nuts on the inside


Fanny Bay- great sailing and fishing but not too much swimming – too many crocs and box jellyfish


Some interesting vessels moored in the harbour, some look like refugee boats from Indonesia.


Cliffs along Fanny Bay


Spectacular sunsets – the smoke haze of the dry season gives the sky a warm glow as the sun gets lower



Enjoying the relaxed, top end lifestyle


Darwin has a rich Chinese history dating back to the start of the Pine Creek Goldrush. This is the Darwin Chinese Temple where Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are practiced simultaneously?



Doctors Gully, where tourists pay $11 per head to feed bread to fish so the fish will come back and more tourists can pe $11 a head to do the same. The formula has worked for 50 years.


Weddings, like most things in Darwin, tend to be big – the bigger the better


At this wedding, the bride arrived in a road train


…and if you want to buy a gun in Darwin, you may as well make it a big one

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