We left Mataranka and headed up the Stuart Highway to Katherine. There was washing and shopping to be done , the car was due for a service, Dianne had to catch up on some bookwork and I wanted to do some painting along the river.


Katherine river in the dry season is lined with huge distorted paperbarks and Pandanas Palms. As you walk along the river bed evidence of the wet season floods can be seen in the tops of many of the large trees. Huge logs and branches suspended 20 to 30 feet up. All the trees slope in the direction of flow


Walking back towards the town I found this palette 30 foot up a tree. It’s hard to imagine that much water.



During the dry everything looks peaceful and sedate. In 6 months time all this will be under metres of fast flowing water.

Next month we will be back in Katherine with with the International Artist Workshop. We will be staying in town and visiting the gorge.

2 thoughts on “KATHERINE

  1. Dear John,
    Thank you for your efforts at teaching us. I really appreciate your 10 minute dvd’s and I have just received “splashing paint” 90 min dvd. I am working through your book “Getting started” one demo at a time and I can see the improvements already.

    Keep up the good work! You are a great teacher.

    I hope one day, when I’m not embarrased to show my paintings, I can attend one of your workshops. I live in Northeastern US, near the Canadian border, and wonder if you might ever show up in “our neck of the woods”.
    Thanks and best wishes. You are my hero (and I don’t have many).

    Sincerely Eric Davies

    • Thanks for your comments Eric. I’m glad you are getting a lot out of the book and DVD’s. I do hope to be back in the US again soon. I did a couple of workshops in Bend, Oregon last year and really enjoyed the landscape and the warm, friendly people.
      Don’t be embarrassed to show your paintings. I get a range of students, from raw beginners to accomplished artists at my workshops and the atmosphere is always one of encouragement and support from everyone.
      Cheers, John

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