Cape Hillsborough is a small National Park at the southern end of the Whitsunday Islands. The main “resort” has camping,  cabins and a caravan park. It is right on the beach and has some great walks.

Smalleys Beach is also part of the national park and has more pleasant, bush camping with fewer facilities and few people.

beach rocks

Weird rocks on Cape Hillsborough Beach

beach roos

Weird animals on Cape Hillsborough Beach

cane harvester

This time of year in North Queensland is cane harvest time. These huge trailers haul the cut cane by road to the nearest rail siding. There it’s dumped into bins and pulled by train to the closest sugar mill. It seems, along all the back roads, you are either stuck behind a huge tractor or waiting for a half  kilometre cane train to cross the road. Fortunately, the sugar that doesn’t find it’s way into little paper sachets for coffee shops, finds it’s way to Bundaburg to be turned into rum.

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